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We are the ones you usually talk to after you have decided to buy/lease a New or Pre-Owned vehicle here at Team Volkswagen of Hayward. Below you will find some information that we thought you might want to read in an effort to better understand what your options are.

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Volkswagen Credit - Buying Vs. Leasing
To buy or to lease. It's all about your lifestyle. So, here's some food for thought. Would you rather spend a little less each month for a car with the option to buy, or pay a little more each month and own? Would you be limited by potential mileage restrictions? Do you need to build equity? These are questions that need to be asked to help you make a decision. Remember, you are not alone. We are here to help. We have helped thousands of people just like you find the right decision for them.
To buy or not to buy? When you finance a car, you'll have monthly payments for the length of your loan (unless you choose to pay it off sooner). After that, the car's all yours. You can drive it all you want. Financing also gives you flexible terms, no mileage limits and no extra charges for wear. Not to mention a chance to build some equity. We have several options available for you...

We can take care of your financing through Volkswagen credit. This is a great option especially if you are a first time buyer or a student. We constantly are coming out with special programs for those that qualify. The best way to find out is just to give me a call at the dealership, or send me an e-mail and I can let you know what is going on.

Banks are all different. Depending on your credit history some banks will give you a better rate and terms than others. Another option is to let us do the leg work for you and find the bank that is going to give you the best deal.